Shakespeare Unbard, Episode 16: The Misfit of Art that is Henry IV Part Two

Henry IV Part Two is a messy and weak play that no theatrical producer would ever produce on its own. When it is produced, it is always in conjunction with its predecessor, making the play the theatrical equivalent of your favorite comic book sidekick. In Episode 16 of Shakespeare Unbard, Joel Fishbane discusses the problems with putting Sir John Falstaff at centre stage. Also, the show is summarize and Orson Wells' film Chimes at Midnight is discussed. 



On this episode, you'll hear clips and excerpts from:

Giles, David. dir. Henry IV Part Two. BBC, 1979.

Shakespeare, William.  Henry IV Part One. (The Riverside Shakespeare). Houghton and Mifflin, 1974.

Wells, Orson. Chimes At Midnight. Internacional Films, 1965


Other Productions / Adaptations:

Royal Shakespeare Company directed by Gregory Doran

Globe Theatre, directed by Dominic Dromgoole

English Shakespeare Company directed by Michael Bogdanov


Link to FILMSTRUCK, a streaming service featuring "Chimes at Midnight"


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