Shakespeare Unbard, Episode 35: Cymbeline is a Mixtape of Shakepeare's Greatest Hits

Mixing history, comedy, and tragedy, Cymbeline is a grab-bag, the equivalent of a Shakespearian mix-tape. There's no way around it: Cymbeline is Shakespeare's craziest play, a wild theatrical experiment that mashes so many different genres, plots, and styles that it's astonishing the thing makes any sense.

Shakespeare Unbard, Episode 34: Exits Hurriedly, Pursued by The Winter's Tale

"A sad tale's best for winter" asserts Mamillius, the doomed prince of Bohemia, and rarely has a Shakespearian character summarized his own story so well. His words are proved true as we watch The Winter's Tale, a bittersweet bit of theatre that is one of the most unique Shakespeare ever devised.

Shakespeare Unbard, Episode 33: All is Rotten in the state of Rome...Again. Time for Coriolanus.

There's no record of the Coriolanus being performed before 1682 and even after that the play remained unpopular. It's only recently that the play finally appears to be achieving some of the recognition it deserves. In this episode, Joel discusses this complex play that should be more popular than it is.