Shakespeare Unbard, Episode 35: Cymbeline is a Mixtape of Shakepeare's Greatest Hits


Mixing history, comedy, and tragedy, Cymbeline is a grab-bag, the equivalent of a Shakespearian mix-tape. There's no way around it: Cymbeline is Shakespeare's craziest play, a wild theatrical experiment that mashes so many different genres, plots, and styles that it's astonishing the thing makes any sense.

In this episode you'll hear excerpts and clips from:

  • Cymbeline. Arkangel. 2006

  • Shakespeare, William. Cymbeline. The Riverside Shakespeare, Houghton and Mifflin, 1974.

  • Cymbeline. Shakespeare-by-the-Sea. 2016.

  • Shaw, George Bernard. Cymbeline Refinished. The Complete Works of George Bernard Shaw. Paul Hamlyn Ltd, 1962.


Films discussed:

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