Shakespeare Unbard, Episode 15: What's Shakespeare's best play? It's Henry IV Part One

Henry IV Part One sits as a touchstone in Shakespeare's career, his first glorious success and the means by which we can mark his development as a playwright. In Episode 15 of Shakespeare Unbard, Joel Fishbane explores how, with Henry IV Part One, Shakespeare the Artist truly arrives. Also, the play is summarized and several adaptations are discussed.


In this episode you'll hear clips from and reviews of:

Brill, Clive. dir. Henry IV Part One. Arkangel Shakespeare.

Eyre, Richard. dir. Henry IV Part One. BBC, 2012.

Sant, Gus Van, dir. My Own Private Idaho. Fine Line Features, 1991.

Shakespeare, William.  Henry IV Part One. (The Riverside Shakespeare). Houghton and Mifflin, 1974.


Other Productions / Adaptations:

Royal Shakespeare Company directed by Gregory Doran

Globe Theatre, directed by Dominic Dromgoole

English Shakespeare Company directed by Michael Bogdanov

Wells, Orson. Chimes At Midnight. Internacional Films, 1965.


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