Shakespeare Unbard Episode 05. Richard III, Part One....oops, I mean Henry VI Part Three

Henry VI Part III might have had a better fate if Shakespeare had called it Richard III, Part One. Although Richard III has become one of the more popular plays in the canon, it is a far more rewarding work when one studies it in relation to Henry VI Part Three. Joel Fishbane discusses the play and why it's better than you think. Also: the play is summarized in one minute and he reviews the BBC's Hollow Crown.


In this episode, you'll hear quotes and clips from:

Shakespeare, William. "Henry VI Part Three." Arkangel Shakespeare.

Shakespeare, William. The Second Part of the Life of King Henry the Sixth. (The Riverside Shakespeare) Houghton and Mifflin, 1974.


Cooke, Dominic, dir. The Hollow Crown: King Henry VI Part Two. BBC, 2016.

An Age of Kings. BBC, 1960.


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