Shakespeare Unbard Episode 04. Adultery! Witchcraft! Pirates! Or as Shakespeare liked to call it: Henry VI Part II

While Henry VI Part II is an improvement on its predecessor, Shakespeare still wasn't able to conquer the problem he encountered in Henry VI Part 1. In the latest episode of Shakespeare Unbard, Joel Fishbane examines the second part of Shakespeare's ill-favored Henry the Sixth trilogy. Also: the show is summarized and a review of Age of Kings and the Hollow Crown.

On this episode, you'll hear quotes and clips from:

Howell, Jane. dir. The Second Part of the Life of King Henry the Sixth.  BBC, 1983.

Shakespeare, William. The Second Part of the Life of King Henry the Sixth. (The Riverside Shakespeare) Houghton and Mifflin, 1974.


Cooke, Dominic, dir. The Hollow Crown: King Henry VI Part Two. BBC, 2016.

Shakespeare, William. Henry VI Part Two. Arkangel Shakespeare.

An Age of Kings. BBC, 1960.

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