Shakespeare Unbard, Episode 26: That Play About Iago, otherwise known as The Tragedy of Othello

Robust and endlessly versatile, Othello has rightly remained one of Shakespeare's most popular tragedies. We spend the entire play knowing more than the Moor of Venice and are forced to watch him slowly come undone. Watching Othello is like watching a car wreck: we see it coming and can do nothing but sit and wait for the crash to occur. In this episode of Shakespeare Unbard, Joel discusses one of Shakespeare's strongest plays.

In this episode you'll hear excerpts and clips from:


  • Arkangel Recordings. Othello. 2014.

  • Shakespeare, William. The Tragedy of Othello. The Riverside Shakespeare, Houghton and Mifflin, 1974.


Films discussed:

  • Miller, Jonathan. Othello. BBC, 1981.

  • Olivier, Laurence. Othello. Eagle-Lions U.K., 1965.

  • Nelson, Tim Blake. O. Lionsgate, 2001.

  • Parker, Oliver. Othello. Columbia Pictures, 1995.

  • Welles, Orson. Othello. Marceau Films, 1951.


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